About Us


We are a network of babies and their caregivers, enriching the lives of seniors one smile at a time. We believe that in every community, there are seniors who can benefit from the simple joy that babies bring. We believe that the resources needed to bring love, happiness and quality of life to our seniors can be found in our communities, our families and in our children. We believe that uniting seniors with babies is a powerful and practical way to enhance their quality of life. Baby Days are unique interactions but woven together, create a movement that is changing the lives of seniors one baby at a time. Baby Days help our seniors feel valued and cared for.


Our Story

Babies Who Volunteer was created out of Jessica Turner, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, seeing first-hand the pure delight and happiness experienced by seniors in long-term care facilities when visiting with her infant daughter, Amelia. Babies Who Volunteer was created out of the desire to spread this joy and happiness and to touch the lives of as many seniors as possible.

Seniors today are commonly living away from family and in isolated settings like long-term care facilities, respite homes and retirement communities. Oftentimes, they live in separate cities, provinces or countries. Intergenerational activities, like our Baby Days, have a profound effect on both the seniors and the babies and young children who visit. The meaningful interactions that occur illicit feelings of peacefulness and well-being. For many, feelings of isolation and loneliness are replaced with a positive mindset and liveliness. Familial relationships, like those developed with our baby volunteers, help diminish the impact of declining physical and mental health in the elderly. By sharing time together, seniors and babies can enrich each other’s lives.


There are nearly 5 million seniors in Canada and 7.4% of them live in residences for senior citizen or long-term health care facilities. The majority of seniors aged 65 and older living in long-term care facilities and residences for seniors, live alone.

Our Vision

In long-term care facilities throughout our towns and cities, there are seniors in need of extra love and attention. We are here to deliver that. It is our dream to brighten the lives of seniors one baby at a time.