Out of the chaos of baby babble and clanking toys, emerged a golden voice singing the sweet words of a lullaby. Soon, all the little babies started to gravitate towards the source of the comforting tunes, mesmerized by the calming sounds. Even the caregivers and staff were drawn into the magical moment, as they watched, astonished at the sudden and profound impact that the singing was having on the young volunteers.  Baby Days, April *, 2018

“That was the most beautiful and sweetest day for our residents. They had a great time with all the baby’s, it bring smile and lightens their faces.”          Forest Valley Terrace, Orleans

” It was heartwarming to witness the smiles those babies brought to our residents faces…wow…  I hope your ‘Mom’s’ know just what an impact their visit had on everyone – staff included.”  Extendicare Starwood Long Term Care Home

” On behalf of everyone at Carefor Carling Day Programs, I and the staff are  sending out a HUGE THANK YOU to Jessica, the moms & wee ones who visited today!!!!! The morning was nothing short of magical! Cant wait for the next visit! ”   Carling Carefor Day Program

Salvation Army Grace Manor

” The residents were really happy and excited at the sight of the young ones. Honestly, it is one of the most emotionally triggering activities that I have ever seen in long term care. We are sooooooo looking forward for your next visit.”       Salvation Army Grace Manor

” We had such a great morning with all the babies, residents are still talking about it.”   Carling View Manor